Saturday, December 5, 2015

Semi-homemade versatility of cake mixes

Grocery store shelves are filled with all types of products that cater to those cooks who are looking for convenience and saving time in the kitchen.  

Cake mixes are one of those products that make semi-homemade baking so fast and easy.  

Discount stores like Big Lots have a permanent place on their shelves for cake mix.  For example, many are meant for other countries, therefore the instructions are in another language.  You can buy cake mix for a fraction of the cost if the language is different.

Tiffany at Eat At has perfected it a science.  Click here to go to Tiffany's article . . . don't forget to check out the comments for even more ideas and recipes from her followers!  

Huffington Post has posted an article on cakes you can make with cake mix and soda . . . you would not believe the variety!  Click here to go to the article.

You will be amazed!

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